Vik Servin Ltd. is a different kind of design firm with a very specific vision.  We produce on a limited scale; as a result, each piece is tailored to the client and finished to the highest standard. Our aim is to produce a limited number of museum-quality pieces that improve our clients’ lives and that can be passed down from generation to generation. 


Vik Servin (1979, Mexico City) initially set out to study economics in his natal city, but after a few semesters, realized his heart was elsewhere.  He left Mexico in 1999 to study at Boxhill Institute in Melbourne Australia and returned to Mexico in 2003 with a degree in furniture design.

Back in Mexico, Vik worked for several years creating 3D visualizations for several PR companies. In 2009 he decided to become independent, founding Vik Servin Ltd. with his partner, Michelle.

Away from work, Vik describes himself as a sci-fi nerd.  He likes anything to do with space, robots, time travel and theoretical physics.

Michelle Westholm (1975, Des Moines) was raised in the American Midwest. Her love of furniture started early; as a teenager, she would seek out and refinish dilapidated antiques from yard sales.

Michelle studied religion, ethics and education in the U.S. before moving to Mexico City in 2003 as an international school teacher.  In 2013 she took a post in Indonesia and several years later she moved once again to Buenos Aires.  Today she divides her time between design and education in both Mexico and Argentina.

Michelle’s hobbies include interior design and photography.  She enjoys art history and anthropology, but is not particularly interested in robots or theoretical physics.


Vik Servin Ltd. was founded in Mexico City in 2009.  In 2013 the company relocated to the rural Mexican state of Hidalgo. 

Since its founding, Vik Servin Ltd. has been recognized in numerous design publications for an innovative approach and dedication to craftsmanship.  Participating in countless design fairs, stores, and exhibits, Vik Servin’s work has also been displayed in Mexico City’s Museo de Arte Moderno and the Museo Franz Mayer.